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Certified Leadership Practitioner – CLP

“CLP is 3 day residential workshop aimed to turning individuals into Transformational Leaders. This program helps participants explore the deep structures of the thinking patterns of the human brain. In order to effect a change in the person to shift behavior patterns and create higher conscious leadership style to be successful as individuals, professionals, community leaders or a captains of industry .”


Benefits to individuals

The focus of this program is to bring about a holistic and sustainable change in participants, so that they can become effective leaders, who earn the trust, admiration, loyalty and respect of the others, while creating a positive change in their organizations and society.

Benefits to organizations

While transformational Leadership is aimed at changing individuals ,its ultimate goal is to have a transformational impact at the macro level-on organizations communities and society as a whole.When your staff members ,especially senior managers ,take part in the Certified Leadership Practitioner (CLP) Training Program ,you can look forward to the following changes in your entire organization.

Learn the secret to being a Great Leader

The Certified Leadership Practitioner training program will help you to,

  • Understand the difference between a Manager and a Leader

  • Learn how to play the role of a leader Manager

  • Listen effectively and Communicate effectively.

  • Understand personality types and learn to deal with difficult people

  • Emphasize long term productivity

  • Empower team members to follow & lead

  • Have focus and context clarity in dealing with people and projects

  • Learn how to convert seemingly useless members to become strong supporters

  • Know yourself and your team

  • Lead a team towards a common goal

  • Coach and help your team in their challenges

  • Treat each team member as an individual

  • Make sound and timely decisions

  • Have vision, courage and commitment

Who can Benefit from CLP Training Program

  • CEOs, Managers, Directors, Head Of Operations
  • Private sector Companies
  • Public sector organizations
  • Professional & Entrepreneurs
  • Manufacturing Organizations
  • NGOs & Community Service Organizations
    • 17th, 18th, 19th  March 2017
    • 8:30 AM Onwards
    • Beach Hotel Panadura Sri Lanka

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