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Dr. Kuma

Dr. Kuma Iddamallena is an experienced & qualified trainer, coach & consultant…..who has been able to harmonize two distinct disciplines of successful living and created programs with a fusion of both eastern and western training methods making him the ideal choice for both local and international audiences.



photoHis programs and training sessions are interactive and are well balanced between the presentation of key concepts and a range of mental and physical exercises that have the effect of stimulating the mind while toning and conditioning the body. The carefully formulated training programs have a general theme which is to help those being trained live a complete and fulfilling life.

Dr. Kuma has spent many years developing the MMVT (Mind Muscle Vibration Therapy) activity model for personality training based on the latest developments on CBT in Modern Psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and BARC (Brain Associations Restructure Conditioning). He uses all these methodologies in his training programs to maximum effect to create positive changes in the minds of the trainees.

With years of experience as an internationally acclaimed trainer, coach and consultant,Dr. Kuma’s well structured and engaging programs have helped thousands achieve and maintain true meaning in their lives.

Now is the time for you to make a difference in your life and to seek effective solutions to problems that maybe affecting your well being, related to professional, business, personal or family situations.


Career Highlights


As a Lawyer

  • Attended the University of Colombo and obtained an LLB Degree
  • Passed out as an Attorney-at-Law from the Sri Lanka Law College
  • Legal career commenced at the Attorney General’s Department as an apprentice
  • Private law practice set up / lectured Business Law for professional students
  • Successful track record in both criminal and civil law practice


As a Specialist in Applied Psychology

  • Completed a Master of Science in Psychology and also obtained a post graduate diploma in Applied Psychology
  • With a deep interest in Applied Psychology, Dr. Kuma has boldly ventured into the field of Training and Consultancy in Psychology, Management, Leadership, Personality Training and other related areas


As a Doctor of Ayurvedic Psychiatry

  • Qualified as a Doctor in Ayurvedic Psychiatry and licensed by the Ayurvedic Medical Council of Sri Lanka to treat mental patients using indigenous medicines
  • Received an advanced degree in Reikei and Palm Healing Techniques from the Grand Master of Reikei and palm Healing, Ms. Galina Atrei of Russia to learn the philosophy in Reikei
  • Studied Yoga and Naturopathy at the Central Research Institute for Yoga and Naturopathy under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India


As a Master Trainer, Life Coach and Consultant…

  • Participated in ‘Training of Trainers’ and other consultancy training programs in more than sixteen different countries
  • Worked with and been trained by world class training experts
  • Certified for High Impact Training
  • Undergone extensive training in human relations and public speaking at the Institute of Management, Singapore
  • Studied Alpha Dynamics Supra Mind Training Mechanisms with Peter Heibloem of Australia
  • Certified in ISO 9000 Management Systems Training and Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Certified in Neuro Language Programming (NLP Univ. California,USA) and is a Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Master Practitioner, Coach and Consultant
  • Master Trainer for Mind, Muscle, Vibration Therapy (MMVT)
  • Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Coach, U.S.A
  • Hypnotist from the society of Neuro Language Programming, U.S.A
  • Specialist in CBT Model Training
  • Pioneered the Workshop Model in Personality Training and English Language Training in Sri Lanka
  • Dr. Kuma is bilingual and conducts his programs in both Sinhala and English