Personality & Leadership Training Clubs for children by Dr. Kuma Iddamallena

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Kuma Iddamallena Leadership Academy in collaboration with WISDOM TRAINER International launched Highlight Juniors Leadership Club with the view to help the junior children achieve higher standards with regard to all aspects of life.
Dr. Kuma Iddamallena, the pioneer who introduced the personality training workshop model concept in Sri Lanka three decades ago, is now focused on training children to have a strongly positive mindset and behaviour to have an outstanding personality making a pathway for them to become leaders with a difference to face the challenges of the present era.
Highlight Juniors Leadership Club, HJLC is a continuous improvement process for children to fine tune all the soft skills which they do not have opportunity to master at their general school classrooms or at home.
Social Etiquette, Social Dancing, Fellowship Building, Leadership Skills, Presentation Skills, Study Skills, Personality Development and Confidence Building are some of the interesting subjects trained by HJLC.
Dr. Kuma says these young children have lot of talents and potentials hidden within themselves, due to various negative psychological processes they have gone through their childhood. When we coach them how to tap their inner potentials any child is willing to come out of his or her shell to perform smarter and better.
  • How to remember things faster and better?
  • How to be methodical and organized in studies?
  • How to get better results in all exams and pass exams with high marks?
  • How to be the loving child the parents want?
Are some other special subjects Dr. Kuma teaches the Highlight Juniors.
Highlight Juniors Programs’ very special feature is that parents are trained, guided and coached by Dr. Kuma at every session on how to handle the children psychologically at home so that the children acquire strong leadership qualities before they reach the adulthood. Parents are also taught how to help their children to achieve their personal and Professional goals of life while parents achieve their dreams about the child.
Highlight Juniors Leadership Club sessions are conducted in an activity based workshop model using Mind Muscle Vibration Therapy Techniques coupled with NLP. All the children have fun while learning and they learn to enjoy life while also taking steps towards a greater mission and vision of life.

During the last 30 years, we have been teaching & training over 3 million people including Pre-school, school children, school leavers, adults & business leaders. The range of programs we have introduced cover almost every aspect of soft skills in life.

Are you a parent who is dreaming of a greater future for the child? Are you a father/mother who has hopes and fears about your child’s unforeseen future challenges?

The one thing you can do is to attend the Parents’ Dreams program on 3rd April from 8.45 am – 1.30 pm at WISDOM TRAINER Auditorium, Nugegoda, so that you will get clarity about what you need to do to make sure your child has a safe & secure future.


There will be ten special programs conducted during April holidays for kids of various age categories. For more information on these call Hotline : 011 4 301 301 / 077 8 401 301


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