Attitude Blast

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A unique program created by Dr.Kuma to change & program the mindset of the members of an organization & also family members to motivate them & boost their morale to produce better results in everything they do.

We have conducted this program over 15 years and thousands of people have participated & experienced the process of Mind Muscle Vibration Therapy (MMVT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which helped them to build strong mind sets to live a happy and productive life while working for their organization with utmost institutional loyalty.

Attitude Blast is so far the most unique program created in the field of positive thinking, personality training, attitude & motivational training in Sri Lanka by Dr.Kuma Iddamallena to change the culture of your organization, give a facelift to the organization & create an energy shift in the employees through a practical & activity oriented training model.

Topics & Benefits of the Program

  • How to reduce absenteeism, unnecessary leave taking & ball passing.
  • Training the employees to work with team spirit/ team synergy.
  • Training the employees to work with loyalty towards their company & brand.
  • How to reduce monotony in the work place & to make it a live & powerful environment.
  • How to reduce jealousy & unsupportive behavior & make the employees respectful & helpful towards their team members.
  • How to reduce inefficiency & lack of productivity to have a more results oriented organization.
  • Relieving the employees from work stress.
  • Training to take up responsibilities & fulfill them.
  • Mind set change & mind programming to adapt to changes in the company.
  • Training the employees to understand the Mission, Vision & Values of the company & to work according to them towards creating an organizational culture.
  • Minimizing the inter-department/section clashes in the company.
  • Getting rid of negative attitudes & developing positive attitudes in the employees.
  • Getting rid of limiting beliefs & attitudes to face challenges.
  • Making the employees aware about their hidden potential to perform smarter & better than they do at present.
  • Working hard & working smart to increase the salary & to claim other incentives & bonuses rather than complaining about a low salary.
  • Making the employees aware about the disadvantages of leaving the organization for personal/family issues.
  • Shifting the paradigms & enlarge the maps of the mind to do the day to day work more creatively & enthusiastically.
  • Training the employees to accept the criticisms positively & correct the weaknesses in them with a positive attitude.
  • And many other topics to train the employees to do their job happy & relaxed & to be with the organization for a long time with loyalty & dedication so that they improve their standards of life in return.



Improve your team synergy & institutional loyalty. Achieve your productivity goals of the year. Surpass all other competitors & make your organization the number one in your field. Send your employees to Attitude Blast & train them to achieve all these.

  • 01st June 2019
  • 8.45 am – 4.45 pm
  • Wisdom Trainer Auditorium – Colombo.


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