Brush Up English – Intensive

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This is an ideal program for you to learn how to speak English that you already know effectively & confidently. It will be a quantum leap from basic level of English Speaking to an Advanced level.



  • Have you forgotten how to speak English by lack of use?
  • You can write very well but you can’t speak?
  • Are you worried about your English accent & pronunciation?

Topics & Benefits of the Program

  • Improve your fluency in English in Professional & Business Communication.
  • Train your mouth for speaking standard English by practicing proper pronunciation of words, accent in words, rhythm in sentences, voice projection, vowel/ consonant sounds, inflection/intonation, emphasis, phonetic sounds & symbols…etc.
  • Practice Standard English Vs colloquial rural English.
  • Be confident in pronouncing English in right accent & rhythm without using too much Sinhala/Tamil based accent & pronunciation.
  • Be more fluent in English than now and you will feel an unbelievable level of English language flow when you speak.
  • Know how to emphasize & where to emphasize when you speak to make the listener clearer about the subject you speak.
  • Gain confidence to do a presentation in front of a group of people in English without hesitation & fear.
  • Understand the standard conversational English used in BBC, CNN & other international channels.
  • Step up to the next level of your English Speech efficiency.

If you are interested in becoming fluent in English speech and no time to spend for longer duration courses, then this is the ideal program for you.

  • 19th May 2015
  • 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
  • Cinnamon Grand, Colombo


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