Wisdom Champs – Holiday Camp

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Wisdom Champs – Holiday Camp  is an amazing opportunity to give Personality Training, Leadership Training & Holiday Entertainment for your child during school holidays.


Active holidays are the perfect opportunity to get children moving. They may want to sit and play with their portable video game, but once you get them doing something they like and they make new friends, they’ll forget the video games. Wisdom Champs – Holiday Camp is such an ideal chance for you to keep your kids entertained during their holidays while building their Leadership & Personality through various activities.

Topics & Benefits of the Program

  • Singing, dancing & other creative activities to improve their confidence
  • Visual, auditory activities to improve their English Language, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Arts & Crafts activities to improve their creativity & novelty
  • New Behaviour Generation activities using world’s best training methodologies
  • RIBS Yoga & Alpha Aerobics to improve their health, vitality & mental/ physical energy
  • Many other fun filled activities with play time for them to have fun while improving their confidence & personality



Send your child to this 3 day Holiday Camp to give the essential foundation in becoming a confident & competent person. Help your child become happy, self-assured, and successful leader in the future.



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