SEPT – Holiday English Camp

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Spoken English with Personality Training – SEPT, Holiday English Camp is conducted for Kids of age 9-14 years with the objective of brushing up their English Communication skills while developing their personality.


Most of the children have the English Knowledge gained through school & various classes but it is only few of them who are using it in their day to day conversation. Although they know the language, they have some hesitation to use it and have a fear of making mistakes if they do. In this program we train the children to get rid of that fear & improve the confidence in them to use English as much as they know via various practical activities, language games, presentations etc.  This program also helps to improve English speaking fluency within the child.

Topics & Benefits of the Program

  • Speak English fluently without being afraid of making mistakes
  • Improve English Elocution & Pronunciation to speak with the correct accent & rhythm
  • Improve English Spoken Grammar to be confident of their speech
  • Improve social etiquette to be outstanding & confident wherever they go
  • Improve listening & comprehension to have effective communication
  • Eliminate stage fright & improve confidence to do presentations & to be outstanding in school and other places as a great presenter
  • Confidence Building to break limiting beliefs and go forward to be an outstanding leader


When you send your child to this Spoken English with Personality- SEPT Holiday English Camp, you can lay the foundation in your child to be a fluent English speaker and a confident presenter with an outstanding personality.

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