Iddamal Healing

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Iddamal Healing – 2 day residential extraordinary Health, Happiness & Relaxation Workshop will help you to understand the magical nature of your body & mind through a practical study of it.


Break away from a hectic and fast paced lifestyle by reconnecting with nature via this beneficial program, ‘Iddamal Healing’ and engage Psycho-Bio- Nature connections.

With the program’s practical interactive format, you will be able to attain a natural balance in life that will help alleviate stress and control all of the ailments that you may be having.

Topics & Benefits of the Program

  • How to reduce / cure or control blood sugar, cholesterol & blood pressure, big tummy, over weight problems & other health problems without always resorting to medicine.
  • How to stay focused and relaxed throughout the day even if you have ‘101 things’ to do.
  • How to eat what you like and still remain healthy. (be it healthy or junk food)
  • How to generate maximum results from your exercise program to stay energetic & vibrant throughout the day
    Ti get all what you want to get in your life, profession & business.


Try out the Iddamal Healing for two days and see the difference! Go back to the world energized and rejuvenated with an ability to control yourself and your well being via new methods and standards. Say Good Bye to medicine…..Identify your universal gift of Psycho- Bio-Nature Connections. It is your opening to live a stress free life.

  • 8th – 9th June 2019
  • 9.00 a.m onwards
  • Laya Leisure


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