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LLM is a program visualized and devised by Dr. Kuma to remedy the increasing prevalence of unhappy marriages in our society and to analyze and get at the root causes that lead to incompatibilities in a marriage.


When parents spend time with each other, nurturing their relationship, resolving conflicts, investing in one another in practical ways, and enjoying one another, children see that they truly love and value one another. This security will increase the peace and joy in the home. LLM program coaches all those who are in relationships, husbands and wives, parents and children, siblings to understand their differences, avoid conflict & connect with each other well so that family harmony remains intact.

Topics & Benefits of the Program

  • What to do if you do not receive love & care from the people whom you deserve it.
  • What to do if you are frustrated in life & wondering what the meaning of life is
  • What to do if you are unhappy about your past failures & overall life results you have gained by now
  • What to do if you are afraid to build new relationships or strengthen current relationships because of your past failures in relationships
  • What to do if you feel lonely & disappointed even if you are in a relationship/marriage
  • Understanding how parents’ conflicts affect the children’s lives
  • Understanding the outcome of a divorce & how it affects the people connected to you
  • Finding out & addressing the root issues that can plague a perfectly normal relationship/marriage.
  • LLM bears a lot of excellent reviews from couples who have attended the workshops and those who join LLM will also have the opportunity to interact with these couples and gain from their experiences.
  • Couples that feel that they have a perfectly normal relationship will also be able to benefit from the LLM program and get a feel for the pitfall that may lie ahead on the road.
  • The program is designed to be fun and a learning experience that brings together couples that maybe straying apart.



In addition to helping couples get through marital issues at group sessions as well as private meetings, Dr. Kuma makes a great effort to explain the basics of his program to a wider audience about the essence of love, creating marital bliss, loving kindness, how to maintain domestic harmony, to show loving kindness to your parents and kith and kin among a host of other related topics. LLM is very topical for the soon-to-be married as well.

  • 14th February 2016
  • 8.45 am – 4.45 pm
  • WISDOM TRAINER Auditorium.


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