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The objective of Memory Plus & Exam Secrets programs together is to train the students to improve their memory, master super learning techniques to excel at studies & score high marks in examinations.



The Memory Plus/ Exam Secrets program has been structured and designed in a way by Dr. Kuma that makes learning fun because you will be taught advanced techniques on how to commit to memory anything that you want to remember and be able to retrieve the same data at a later date. You will want to learn as much as possible once you have been through this program! Guaranteed!

Key Features

  • How to select the most suitable stream of subjects.
  • Setting exam goals and focusing.
  • Rocket Time table method to study for an exam effectively & productively.
  • Psychological Behavior patterns of a good student.
  • Latest Techniques in effective learning.
  • Techniques of improving memory.
  • Learning how to memorize anything using Memory Pegs instead of using diaries and journals.
  • Proving the capacity of a child to remember a list of items even exceeding 1000.
  • Learning how to memorize numbers with many digits.
  • Mental and Physical exercises for relaxation and good health of an exam student
  • Dealing with exam phobia and stress.
  • Curing anxiety and frustrations caused by past failures and building self confidence and will power.
  • Making time tables and suitable daily schedules under success philosophies.
  • Effective time management rules for productivity in studies.
  • Techniques of having a balanced mindset even while working for an exam.
  • Gaining higher results without exhausting whole self.
  • Being an outstanding student liked by teachers and parents.
  • Win the hearts of the parents and teachers and learning to respect them.


Students engaged in educational pursuits, business managers, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc who need to remember a great many facts and details, even housewives can benefit immensely from Memory Plus and little details like carrying a shopping list when going to the supermarket will be a thing of the past, as all details will be in your head and not on a piece of paper.
Hundreds are the testimonials of those who have taken part in Memory Plus and the praise that has been heaped upon Dr. Kuma, for this is a program that can give you solid results & students who have taken part in the Exam Secrets program are all praise for the manner in which Dr. Kuma has been able to structure a program that improves dramatically a student’s examination results.

  • 24th April 2017
  • 8.45 am – 4.45 pm
  • Wisdom Trainer Auditorium – Nugegoda.









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