Memory Plus & Exam Secrets for Highlight Juniors

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The objective of Memory Plus & Exam Secrets programs together is to train the students to improve their memory, master super learning techniques to excel at studies & score high marks in examinations.


This program is specially designed for the kids of age 9-14 to improve their memory & study skills so that it will help them in their day to day studies as well as to score high marks in examinations.  Memory is not just one of many intellectual skills, it is the most important. This is because it directly affects every other intellectual process. The good news is that Memory is the easiest mental process to train. Now your child can use the Memory techniques trained in Memory Plus program to train his/her brain. Exam Secrets program will help your child to work for an exam with focus, be more organized as an exam student, finally to face exams confidently to pass them with flying colours!

Topics & Benefits of the Program

  • Training the techniques to easily remember anything you want to remember
  • Learning the reasons of forgetting & how to avoid absent mindedness
  • Training Simple & practical Techniques to learn & remember various subjects easily
  • Training physical & mental exercises to improve memory automatically
  • Training the techniques to have a long term memory with regard to the subjects & other various things that the child learns.
  • Study for any exam by using latest study techniques rather than getting exhausted of studies
  • Get highest marks from all the exams
  • Learn how to get the maximum use of the time available for studies
  • Be an obedient child who is loved by the parents & teachers
  • Getting the child out of negative habits such as watching TV too much, playing computer games & being addicted to the computer…etc.



All the techniques taught in these programs for kids are fun & easy to practice. They will enjoy their studies & not complain about difficulties in facing exams once they join our Memory Plus & Exam Secrets programs.







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