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Is it your dream to build a business with minimum expenses, highest income & more profits?
Is it your wish to build a really profitable business?
Do you want to expand your present business & increase your income level by 100%?
Money Business & You – MBY program will help you to achieve all this, to be an outstanding & recognized leader in your field of work, profession & business & to build the # 1 business in your town, district & the country.

Money Business & You – MBY is an investment you do to increase your profits and manage your business cleverly while investing for other fixed assets such as buildings, machinery and vehicles..etc. Joining MBY will be an excellent opportunity for you to network and deal with businesses from different areas of the country and different sectors.

Topics & Benefits of the Program


  • Identifying your category out of the 4 categories Employee, Business Builder, Small Businessmen & Investor and distinguishing what to do & what not to do according to your personality type.
  • Identifying your core values which will help you to live a happy successful life through your business or profession.
  • Expanding the exposure and the knowledge of entrepreneurs who are already handling their businesses well to gain more profits & reach a higher level in their business.
  • Training a methodology to balance your business/ professional life, social life and the family life.
  • Learning techniques of setting & achieving higher goals related to earning money, being rich, gaining assets and expanding businesses.
  • Learning latest concepts on earning money, saving money, spending money methodically Vs wasting money and being rich to make you a stronger businessman.
  • Discovering the steps to overcome the challenges in the present business and training the mindset of the businessman to be more confident and brave to face any challenges in the future.
  • Gaining the business wisdom to solve issues such as controlling debts, not having enough profits for your effort, tax problems, surviving through the unreasonable competition…etc.
  • Helping the entrepreneurs & professionals those who stagnate in the same level for years due to their disorganized way of handling the business to find out their weak points and faults and rectify them to have better results and faster growth in the field.
  • Building a strong heroic mind set within the participant to expand their businesses into branches, hire best managers & team members for the business, win awards and honours for the business by being an outstanding business leader in the country

Money Business & You – MBY program will help you to be a courageous and outstanding business leader among other businessmen. This program will teach you the techniques to gain more profits from your business with the least amount of effort. You will be recognized as an important citizen of the country by gaining various honours, awards and titles by being an exceptional business leader or professional in your field. So it is your time to take the decision to join MBY.

  • 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th Aug 2016
  • 8.30 am – 8.30 pm
  • Hotel Tree of Life, Kandy


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