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Sales Magic is a one full day program with a lot of breakthrough activities for any individuals or organizations who struggle to achieve their monthly & annual sales targets through the present day challenges.


This program boosts the Morale of the Sales Team to be more effective and productive in their day to day selling adventure. You can achieve your monthly sales targets in less than half of the target time & annual sales target within the first quarter itself through the Sales Magic program. Train your Sales team with world class sales training technology to increase your sales & increase your profit without additional cost.

Topics & Benefits of the Program

  • Motivational psychology & morale boosting for sales success
  • Mindset change to have a flexible behavior in customer handling process in sales & marketing
  • How to survive in the competitive market as a sales person
  • Developing skills of rapport building with customers to create long lasting impact in their minds.
  • Changing negative attitudes of the sales person into positive attitudes.
  • Learning to focus on the job and need of continuous growth for a successful future career in the present company.
  • Setting and achieving Sales Targets within less than half of the target time.
  • Learning how to sell in the tough times irrespective of the economic crisis in the world and in the country.
  • How to grow as a sales person to be better day by day until they achieve their life goals through the sales profession.
  • Meeting the customer face to face, building rapport, identifying the problems & needs and presenting the product of the service effectively.
  • Learning the magic of doing anything you think you cannot do
  • Practicing a powerful daily ritual to have an outstanding sales day to achieve monthly & annual sales targets with certainty.


Sales Magic is the ideal program to give high end motivation & mind power training for you & your sales team.

  • 02nd July 2016
  • 8.45 am – 4.45 pm
  • Wisdom Trainer Auditorium – Nugegoda


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