Spoken English with Personality Training

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Spoken English with Personality Training – SEPT in workshop model with entertaining practical activities will be your foundation level to be a fluent English Speaker with an Outstanding Personality. This program is conducted both in 3 days version as well as in 3 months.

  • You know English, but cannot speak?
  • You know grammar but you cannot converse?
  • You know spelling but cannot pronounce?
  • You can write nut cannot talk?
  • You know everything but you lack confidence?
  • You can talk but cannot make speeches?

You know, You know, You know,…but, but, but… Guaranteed Solution for all above problems is Spoken English with Personality Training – SEPT Program. This program has only 10% theory & 90% practical lessons for you to be a fluent English speaker.

Key Features

  • Be comfortable in speaking English by improving your Elocution & Pronunciation.
  • Learn what to say & how to say things appropriately in English in daily conversations.
  • Practice dialogues & conversations to train yourself to become fluent in English Speech.
  • Brush up your English Grammar by practising Verbs, Tenses, Adjectives, Adverbs, Six Patterns, Pro nouns, Prepositions, Direct/ Indirect Speech, Tag Questions to speak with your friends & colleagues without the fear of making mistakes.
  • Improve your listening skills with activities full of fun
  • Learn Effective words & how to use them with right expressions.
  • Improve your basic awareness on Effective Speaking & Reading.
  • Learn basic etiquette- greeting/ introducing/ orientation…etc. to be confident in all functions & social occasions & to have excellent fellowship with others


This is a program conducted in workshop model with practical activities creating excitement, fun & motivation for participants to Brush up your English Speech, Develop your Personality & Leadership Skills. By attending this workshop you will be able to get rid of your fear of speaking English & gain confidence in making speeches & presentations on stage.

  • 12th-14th September 2016
  • 8.45 am – 4.45 pm
  • Wisdom Trainer Auditorium


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