Synergistic Leadership

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‘Most successful leader is the Most flexible leader’ – Kuma Iddamallena.


To become a truly great company it takes truly great leaders. And there is a huge difference in bosses and leaders. In Synergistic Leadership program Dr.Kuma trains leaders of any organization to be more humanistic leaders to gain more team synergy from their followers. In this program, he is training leaders to overcome barriers in dealing with the members of the organization. Synergistic Leadership program creates awareness among the supervisory leaders about using humanistic approach to leadership & it helps to make leaders strong and confident in facing today’s challenges with a view to change the organizational culture towards a better future.

Topics & Benefits of the Program

  • Understanding the difference between leadership & followership & training the leaders to gain higher level of followership from subordinates
  • Transforming leaders to go beyond their thinking horizons to effect a new style of leadership.
  • Making awareness about how a person’s leadership map is created in the brain and how to be flexible to be an outstanding leader.
  • Right brain Leadership Vs Left brain Leadership.
  • Basics of counseling and coaching skills.
  • How to build rapport as a leader and get bonded with trust with followers.
  • Why people resist change and how to effect change in any person by enhancing higher conscious levels of the human brain.
  • How to motivate the followers towards increasing efficiency and productivity by improving the style of leadership
  • SYNERGIZING and Team Building.
  • How to solve problems as and when they come up
  • How to avoid unwanted problems which can lead in to chaos
  • How to increase production by 30% without any cost
  • How to maximize efficiency only by improving the style of Leadership
  • Training on Synergistic Leadership Model which will help the Organization have better followership.
  • Training on smart People Handling Skills as against blame focused behaviour, unnecessary pressurizing which causes stress in the minds of the subordinates.
  • Finally how to motivate the staff to get your company ready to win the challenges of this decade.



This is an ideal program for any level of leaders from supervisory level to top management level of an organization to improve their style of leadership in return to create a successful organization having a good product or service that adds value to the lives of its customers, while providing a positive working environment that allows employees to grow and flourish in their talents and abilities as well as their personal value system, all while generating a profitable return for shareholders. For anyone who is ever granted the opportunity to take a leadership position, remember that being a true leader doesn’t come from a title; it is a designation you must earn from the people you lead.


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