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Psychological research shows that we use only 10% of the brain capacity we are born with. 90% of the potential in you are hidden & unused throughout life. If you can learn to use 2% more of it, you will increase your life results by 100%. You may be good at certain things you do. Still you have the scope to improve yourself in many aspects with regard to your personality ~Kuma Iddamallena


We underperform either because we don’t know that we have capacity to perform better or we do not try to find ways and means of using the inborn capacity & potential at a higher level.
How many of the adults passed out of the schools can face an interview successfully with confidence? How many of the University graduates can do justice to their degree certificates when they face the job interview? Although they have learnt English at school and University, how many can confidently speak the language fluently? Some people know grammar very well but they mumble when they have to speak a few words because of too much of grammar consciousness or because of language phobia.

“Your Personality is the best Certificate to pass all tests in life” – Kuma Iddamallena

Key Features

  • Speak in English in front of any audience without hesitation.
  • Build Rapport with any difficult person and lead such person to do the things you want him/her to do.
  • Communicate effectively with people around you to get the results you want.
  • Be one of the top 3% of most successful people in your field of work, profession & business.
  • Be totally focused on the future success so that your past is no more bothering you.
  • Have fellowship and mix with people in meetings, parties, functions & public places without any fear.
  • Hold any Leadership Role with Responsibility and Ultimate Confidence better than anybody else.
  • Move with high end business community following the standard social business etiquette. (manners)
  • Love others and be loved. Be happy and create happiness for others.
  • Use all the creativity you are born with & increase your efficiency in everything you do.
  • Sing, dance and have fun just like a kid. Enjoy life.
  • Be mentally and physically fit so that you look young & energetic whatever age you are in & rank /position you hold.
  • Brush up all your life skills so that you get the real value out of all your qualifications.
  • Do the best, Be the best & Achieve the best in your life, business & profession.
  • Earn more, save more, be rich, help yourself & others.…


The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals and dreams are your limits. It’s when you meet your limits that you feel resistance and things you want seem harder to achieve. Whether it is fear, doubt, physical abilities or some other mental block, it can present a huge barrier to getting what you want. Fail to push past your limits and you’ll leave your dreams unrealized. Work through them and you can make any dream or goal a reality. Ultimate Life Mastery program will give you the foundation & backing to do this & achieve outstanding results in your life.

  • 8.30 am – 8.30 pm
  • Wisdom Trainer Auditorium


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