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The objective of this program is to boost the Morale of the participants for higher productivity and better results. The level of a subordinate or an employee does not only depend upon his qualifications and abilities. For getting best of his work performance, the gap between ability and willingness has to be filled which helps in improving the level of performance of subordinates. Motivation Magic program attempts to fill this gap.


Motivation improves efficiency. The efficiency of a person is reflected through increase in productivity and decrease in costs. Some employees of an organization have a negative attitude. They always think that doing more work will not bring any credit. Our Motivation Magic program uses various techniques to change this attitude. You’re your staff members attend Motivation Magic program, they will work for a longer time in your organization and there is a decline in the rate of turnover. They will not remain absent from work as the workplace becomes a source of joy for them. They will accept various changes enthusiastically and improve their work performance.

Topics & Benefits of the Program

  • Activities to create Institutional Loyalty among employees.
  • Paradigm shift in life and work to create an efficient & enthusiastic work place.
  • Synergizing and team building for increasing efficiency.
  • Motivational psychology and moral boosting.
  • Training attitudes for creating results in personal and professional life.
  • Training on three forces of personality to create ultimate momentum in the minds of participants to live a strong fulfilling life.
  • Teaching how to use the power of three forces to increase the profitability in production, sales or any business.
  • Creating awareness in the participants that the real success is within them. (not in the outside world)



The more motivated the employees are, the more empowered the team is. The more is the team work and individual employee contribution, more profitable and successful is the business. Dr. Kuma will show you the way to understand what it takes to create an extremely positive work environment with the use of techniques such as Mind, Muscle, Vibration Therapy (MMVT) and Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) and be able to change the attitudes, thinking patterns and behaviors of your team of employees at your company.

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